How to do effective blogging?

The biggest problem new freelancers face is finding the correct skillset. Many are unaware of the ways to sell their services and some face difficulty in finding the right direction. The Internet is full of scams about fake money-making ideas. New freelancers get confused by those scams. One of the most legitimate ways of making money using the internet is by writing blogs.What is blogging?The Internet is full of content. People put lots of thick, heavy content on their websites to rank them on google. This is because Google likes heavy content. Google is the top search engine, every website owner wants to rank his website on the first page of Google. Search engine optimization, SEO, is the combination of techniques used to rank websites on Google. The SEO is performed over the content within the website. This means that websites with heavy and well-optimized are most likely to rank higher in google as compared to the website with less or no content.The most common way of populating a website with heavy content is by adding a blog to the website. You can create a blog within the website or you can have a website that is a blog. A blog is a website or part of a website with lot s of posts related to some specific categories. Some blogs are multi-category, they allow posts from different niches and align those posts in under respective categories. While other blogs are limited to one category only.Why choose blogging as a freelancer?Many blogs pay for posting good quality content. You can choose blogging as a freelancer as it lets you earn money without doing much. However, you need to have good writing skills and knowledge about a particular niche. Blogs pay you for well-written content, that can be ranked on google. For good writing of blog posts, you need to do lots of practice as well as understand the basics of SEO. You need to perform keyword research and analysis in order to write the posts that the readers must be interested in.How to select the topic for the blog post.Apparently, it seems easy to write a blog post but it isn’t. the reason is that you need to do proper research analysis before choosing the topic of the post. You should never write about something that people will not be interested in. So how we will know what topic the reader will be interested in? To build a successful blog you need to create an influence. you need to come out of your comfort zone and create authority by making new contacts, helping people meet their goals, creating new connections. You can create this authority by being active on available social platforms. There are many tools on the internet that give you an idea of what to write. You can consider creating guest posts on various blogs and promoting them with your social contacts. Helping and guiding others to follow your way. In the coming sections, I will give you the step-by-step guide to how you can earn by writing a blog.Choose your blog niche carefully.One of the biggest reasons many bloggers couldn’t achieve the desired results is that they write what they find interesting without taking care of internet trends. many new bloggers think that they can write about their hobbies and interests just because they know more about it. New bloggers write about what they like but the internet pays for what people like. If you are writing about something that is not trending, you will end up wasting 100% of your time and energy.However, it is good to write about hobbies and interests, just for the sake of practicing and knowledge of the blogging field. Writing about some hobbies does pay well but not all of them. As a beginner, you can practice writing about what you know well but ultimately you have to choose to write about the trending topics on the internet.Another reason for the failures of bloggers is that they take blogging as a hobby or just another way of expression. Blogging is a paying business for those who take it as a business. You need to select a lucrative niche with a high target audience and internet traffic. So before starting to write as a blogger, choose a trending niche with high professional leverage plus market and demand.You can offer to provide valuable products on your blog. these products will help your readers solve their problems. people pay for solutions to their problems. As a blogger, you should completely understand the targeted audience’s potential in order to provide complete and most in-demand solutions. Try to concentrate on one specific niche as a starter. Don’t get into so many niches.Scale your content creation.As a blog owner, it is not always necessary that you write the posts yourself. You can hire someone to write for you through some freelancing website, or you can open an offer for strangers to write as a guest writer. The benefit of hiring someone else for writing is that you can concentrate well on the blog management issues that do require considerable time and effort. In fact, you may spend less time on writing a blog post but much more time on managing other issues, so it is better to let someone else write for you and manage other stuff yourself. If you want to grow your blog as a business, you need to think like a CEO. If you take it’s as a passion or hobby, it will end up just a part-time writing experience for you.Make your blog attractive.Once your content is ready you have to make it eye-catchy by placing relevant pictures. You may include a video to support the content. make sure that the content and the media being used in the blog is original, or plagiarism free. You may not be having good quality pictures but you can take free pictures from many royalty-free pictures websites. Improve text alignment and readability.Make content SEO friendly.Creating content is one thing, making it SEO friendly is the real task in running a successful blog. You need to make your each and every post SEO friendly. There are so many tools that can help you do the keyword research in your niche. Some of them are listed here.1. Ubbersuggest.comThis website is an incredible tool for finding the keywords, related keywords, content ideas, top websites in the related niche, and many more. Type in the keyword you want to write about on ubersuggest, it will tell you about keyword difficulty, traffic, competition, and PPC. You can find many useful tools in this one single platform.2. Buzzsumo.comThis is another useful platform for finding the keywords for the blog post. This tool tells about the social media post engagements. You can find content that is trending, keywords, and related keywords, topics, questions. You can find content on the related niche on the web as well as on youtube. you need to explore this tool to get much out of it.3.AhrefsThis is an SEO tool to increase search traffic. This incredible tool helps you rank higher without being an SEO guru. you can analyze the competitors, do the site audit for optimization, explore keywords, read good content about SEO, and track your ranking.This is an SEO tool to increase search traffic. This incredible tool helps you rank higher without being an SEO guru. you can analyze the competitors, do the site audit for optimization, explore keywords, read good content about SEO, and track your ranking.

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